Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hawaiian Sea Salt - As a Seasoning and a Sacramental

Hawaiian Salt The last time I used regular salt is a blur to me. Since moving to Hawaii over 13 years ago, I have cooked with Hawaiian Sea Salt. Actually, this is the brand I use.

It's hard to describe but the grains are actually quite large so you can't put them in a salt shaker. I suppose you can use a grinder. I prefer to put the salt in a covered container...small in size and keep that by the stove. I measure out with my fingers.

My family also has a separate bag blessed by our friend Fr. Duffy. We keep a steady supply of Blessed Salt in the house. When I run out of my regular salt supply, I do use the Blessed Salt for cooking. In fact, it is recommended. But I save our Blessed Salt for special reasons.

Blessed Salt is a sacramental.

To learn more about Blessed Salt visit Miracle of the Rosary Mission site.

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