Thursday, March 8, 2007

Meatless Recipes from a Local TV Cooking Show

that apparently is still on hiatus.

It's too bad too, because this show was very entertaining. The chef/host is a very happy person. But what I liked best about the program is that regular folks around the island would share their recipes.

One recipe I tried and really liked was Ed's Chinese Style Fishcake Stuffed Peppers. For those of you not familiar with fish cake, it is pulvarized fresh fish. If you don't live in Hawaii and can't get fish cake in your local supermarket, you may have to make it yourself. Hope you have a Cuisinart. If you like Chinese flavors, like Dau See (Fermented salted black beans) I highly recommend this recipe.

There are a few other recipes that you can make on a Friday during Lent. So be sure to check out their list. There are also recipes calling for meat or poultry. Quite a variety in fact.

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