Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tuesday's Menu - Oyako Donburi

Oyako DonburiPicture courtesy of THIS SITE

We are still on Spring Break so we have been eating out a lot during lunch and then eating light meals or leftovers for dinner. Today, my son request a Japanese favorite of ours and a comfort food...Oyako Donburi. It is a Japanese bowl dish of chicken and egg...mother and child...which I believe is the meaning of the name.

I use the recipe from an Asian cookbook we have. The closest one I found is at the following site:


It is very easy to make. The finishing touch is to place strips of roasted Nori (seaweed) on top. We use the Korean style nori as it is already roaster and salted.

Oyako Donburi
Steamed Rice
Pickled ginger as a condiment
Miso soup
Homemade chocolate pudding

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