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Passover Recipe - Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls

Passover and the Holy FamilyPainting of the Holy Family and Passover by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and courtesy of THIS SITE

The following is also from that site:
To celebrate Passover, every Jewish household slaughtered a lamb and marked the doorposts with its blood. This was a sign for the Lord to pass over and not visit the plague on them. The Passover meal of roast lamb, bitter herbs and unleavened bread was to be eaten in haste, with shoes on the feet ready for quick departure.

Rossetti shows Jesus and his parents preparing for the ritual. This stresses the continuity between Judaism and Christianity, linking Christ's sacrifice with that of the Passover lamb.

Here Rossetti shows Zachariah marking the door with blood from a bowl held by Jesus. John kneels to fasten Jesus's sandal and Mary stoops to gather bitter herbs.
My friend Vicky who is an Israeli, has graciously permitted me to share her recipe for chicken soup with my readers. Right now, her and her family are most likely sitting down to celebrate their Seder meal.


3 chicken breasts
4-6 cubes of Chicken Consommé, each cube is 1/2 oz (usually found in the ethnic food section under Kosher foods, they come 3 to a pack, and it's yellow)
2 Italian Squash - peeled and cut up*
2 Yellow Squash - peeled and cut up
1 large onion - peeled (leave whole)
1 Turnip (white) - peeled and cut up
1 Horseradish Root - peeled and cut up
1-2 Banana Squash - peeled and cup up
2 zucchini - peeled and cut up
5-6 stems of celery - cleaned and cut up
4-5 carrots - peeled and cut up to rounds (not too thick)
1/2 bunch of parsley

*Cut up not too small pieces, some of these veggies when cut too small will fog the soup and it won't be as clear. LOL


Boil chicken breasts just for a minute and get rid of that water and rinse the breasts. This is to take the fat out. If you make the soup the day before you eat it, then in the fridge the remaining fat will form a layer on top and you can scoop it out.

Fill large pot with the chicken breasts, all the veggies, the chicken consommé, add water to almost the top, but not all the way, cover and bring to boil. Lower fire to low for a couple of hours. I usually do it for 3-4 hours on low low.

Check for flavor and add salt and pepper if you wish, but I don't. The chicken consommé has some in it already.

When done cooking, scoop out the chicken to a different bowl or dish, drain out the veggies from the broth itself, otherwise they will cloud the broth.

Now, don't laugh, but don't forget to put a strainer IN the pot when pouring out the soup, so you can separate the veggies. I forgot to do this once, and almost all the soup went into the sink. Geez. LOL, sure learned my lesson.

Now, I make a salad out of the chicken breasts, so here it is, if you want to. Ronit loves it, and I have to make it. LOL

Ingredients & Preparation for Chicken Salad:

3 Chicken Breasts, cooked and cold out of the fridge, easier to cut them up this way) cut up to small cubes

2-3 tablespoons of Mayo

1-2 small cans of Peas & Carrots ( they come in a can combined, but I cut up the carrots some more if they're rounds)

5-6 (or more, as much as you want for taste) pickles (I use the kosher pickles in brine) cut up to small pieces (I cut the pickles length wise to quarters (so I have 4 strips) then I cut it width wise to small pieces)

Mix well and voila. It's delicious.Taste it, and if you think you need to add salt go ahead, but I don't. Get it enough from the pickles.

In Hebrew we say Beteavon (Bon Appetite)



Looks like I forgot to ask Vicky for her matzo ball recipe. But I found a good one at THIS SITE


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I posted about Passover and coincidentially used the same picture. I've linked...lovely recipe!

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Thanks Alexandra. I left a comment at your wonderful blog too.