Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Beef Empandadas

empanadasPicture courtesy of This Site.

At the local grocery store, I found frozen dough discs for making empanadas or meat turnovers. Well, how could I resist? In Hawaii, they do not have this dough available and if they did, it would probably costs you and arm and a leg, so I make my own and it is a lot of work.

I found a recipe for Argentinian Empanadas on the web. However, I didn't want to use ground beef. Instead, my mom cooked a chuck roast until it was very tender. I then shredded it like ones does when making ropa vieja (old clothes...a Cuban shredded meat dish). I also used Goya Sazon seasoning, instead of paprika and the jalapeno peppers. I fried half of the batch (of 20) and baked half of them.

My dad and mom seemed to enjoy them. Joey liked them too. The real test will be today when my brother comes over. If he liked them, then they turned out really well :-)



Angie said...

You must be one amazing cook!! How do you come up with so many recipes?!

Esther said...

Oh, I don't know about that ;-)
I read cook books as a hobby, my mom, friends, sisters, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi Esther! I was looking for a picture of Arroz Tapado to show my friend and my google search showed me your site! I'm Japanese but born in Peru and now living in CA. I love how you cook so much peruvian food! Are you from Peru as well?

that is my favorite website to find peruvian recipes. Most of them are pretty close to the way my grandmother cooks.

Good luck and KIT! (

Esther said...

Hi Anonymous:
Yes, I was born in Huanuco. Where were you born?
Thanks for the link. It looks like I will be spending some time there. :-)