Friday, May 4, 2007

Nuts That Fight Cholesterol

The following is from the May 2006 issue of Ladies Home Journal. It was a clipping I had saved.


Almonds* - 163 - Abundant in vitamin good for the heart

Brazil Nuts - 185 - Rich in selenium, which may help prevent colon cancer

Chestnuts - 64 - Plentiful in vitamin C, which may reduce blood pressure; lower in calories than other nuts

Flaxseeds - 138 - Loaded with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which also may help relieve dry skin and psoriasis.

Macademia Nuts - 203 - Teeming with monounsaturated fat (17 grams per oz), which enhances heart health, it provided 15% of the RDA of thiamin, a B vitamin that helps convert carbs into energy.

Pistachios* - 157 - Great soure of monounsaturated fat (7 grams per oz), which helps reduce LDL cholesterol.

Pumpkin Seeds *- 153- Contain omega-6 fatty acids which may boost memory function and improve cholesterola nd heart health. Plentiful in zinc, iron and selenium, which may help redue blood pressure.

Sesame Seeds* - 162 - Full of omega-6 fatty acids (see pumpkin seeds)

Sunflower Seeds* - 161 - Rich in itamin E, the antioxidant may bolster the immune system.

Walnuts -175 - Jam-packed with omega-6 fatty acids (see pumpkin seeds).

*High in phytosterois, a plant compound that helps prevent the body from absorbing cholesterol from food.


Barb, sfo said...

Great info! I shared it with my neighbor who needs to lower her cholesterol.

Esther said...

Oh good!