Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Peruvian Cooking at Its Finest

The other day, my auntie and I went to lunch together. It was her Mother's Day gift. She suggested a Peruvian restaurant and who was I to argue.

We went to an established Peruvian Restaurant in the heart of downtown Paterson called La Tia Delia or Aunt Delia.

It was a Friday so I knew that narrowed down my choices as I don't eat meat on Friday. I was torn between cebiche de pescado (fresh raw fish marinated in lemon juice) or pescado frito con arroz y yuca (fried fish with rice and fried yuca (cassava). I chose the later and I was not disappointed. It was great! It was served with a little onion and parsley salad.

For a drink, I chose Inca Cola. Yum yum.

My aunt chose mondongito a la Italiana (tripe Italian style) and a Peruvian corn drink.

They served a huge portion so there was no room for dessert. That doesn't necessarily mean we passed up dessert though. We both took home 5 alfajores (a kind of cookie/biscuit filled with cooked condensed milk when it turns a lovely golden brown and dusted with confectionery sugar.)

Next time, I will choose the cebiche. The fish dish I chose was excellent but I want to try everything one the menu.

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Barb, sfo said...

WAAAAAHH! You are in my Old Stomping Ground!! Wave to the Falls for me :) Post a picture, please please please!