Tuesday, August 28, 2007


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I mentioned that my DH needs to eat a lot healthier than he has been. While speaking to a friend who is half Hawaiian, she reminded me most nutritious food is poi. Poi is the Hawaiian Kalo (taro root) that has been pounded into a paste.

While shopping today, I remembered that I was supposed to buy poi. As hard as it is to believe, living in Hawaii, poi is not always available. I found a Hawaiian food stand and there were bags of poi. I asked the clerk if it was fresh poi but no, it was day old poi. Day old poi starts going sour. My husband mentioned that he didn't mind so day old poi it was.

Since we were eating salmon for dinner, I did not pick up the lomi salmon that is salted diced salmon with tomatoes, onions. Lomi means massage so the lomi salmon is massaged with the fingers. Here is a basic recipe Lomi lomi salmon

Well, we still have a half a bag left. Eating poi plain is alright but I think I will try something new.

In one of my Hawaiian cookbooks, I found a recipe for Poi Cocktail. It is a recipe from Maili Yardley's Hawaii Cooks cookbook (Charles E. Tuttle Company, Rutland, Vermont, Tokyo, Japan):
"You don't hear too much about this nourishing drink anymore. A pity, too, because it is one of the best foods for invalids, children or non-eaters. Shake well 1 C milk; pinch of salt; cracked ice and 3 or 4 heaping T poi. Serve cold in glasses.".
The other recipe I will be making is Poi Mochi. This is indeed a treat to eat!

To learn more about poi, please visit this website


gemoftheocean said...

Esther, I bet a buck that poi goes down really well with a few jiggers of vodka added plus some pineapple.


Esther said...

LOL! I would guess so Karen :-)

Betty said...

Esther, did you mix the poi with water? One finger two finger poi?

Esther said...

Not at first Betty. Then I went back to my cookbook which told me to water it down a bit. Duh! Then it was easy to remove it from the bag. Live and learn :-)