Thursday, August 30, 2007

Relieving a Childhood Memory - Takoyaki

takoyakiSince my DS came to live with us, he has been trying to remember a Japanese dish he loved as a little boy in Osaka. He really couldn't articulate what it was other than it was very tasty.

Today, I was determined to go to a local Japanese specialty store because it was the last days of the Takoyaki festival. Takoyaki are sold by street vendors in Osaka.

Tako is octopus in Japanese.

I therefore dragged my son to the store and the takoyaki chefs where busy performing for us. Takoyaki are little balls of batter that includes a piece of tako, pickled red ginger and green onions. As we stood in line waiting our turn, my DS tells me that it looked like the dish he enjoyed so much as a little boy. Well, I bought a box that contained 10 pieces.

When we got outside, we had a taste each. He couldn't believe it was his favorite treat...the one he couldn't remember the name of. He made me go back and get another box. We shared one box for lunch. We will have the other box later. We are counting on my DH not liking octopus so we don't have to share ;-) Seriously, tomorrow we have to go back for more.

The following is a recipe for these little delectables. However, without a special takoyaki pan, it will be hard to make at home.


BTW, I also picked up another specialty item...sweet potato and apple pie. Lady on line with me told me it was so good, she bought two!

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