Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dampfnoodla - A German Russian Recipe

My dear father-in-law's family were German immigrants who migrated to the Karlsruhe section of Russia. They then moved to North Dakota. Thanks to their rich heritage, my family was fortunate to receive a few of the older recipes. One such recipe is that of dampfnoodla. It is a half steamed/half fried bread and served with fresh or canned fruit. It goes very well with soup. I usually serve this with my father-in-law's German Borscht but tonight it is split green pea soup.

Although, I do used my father-in-law's recipe, I found one on the internet that is quite similar (I would omit the onions though) and so that is the one I am sharing with you:


When I first ate this delicious bread, my father-in-law served it with canned plums. Since are still able to get fresh plums at the market, I am serving it with sliced plums to which a sprinkling of white sugar has been added.


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