Thursday, September 27, 2007

Local Curry Dish

My son and husband love Japanese curry. It is made using a prepared curry called S & B Gold Curry Sauce Mix: Medium Hot. We get it here in Hawaii in all our local grocery stores and even at Long's Drugs!

Today's variation was made with ground turkey, celery, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, potatoes and broccoli.

I serve with with white rice, fried okra (recipe below) and freshly sliced pineapple.

Fried Okra:

Slice a handful of freshly washed and dried okra width wise, season with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes, add tbsp. flour and cornmeal. Heat skillet. Add two tablespoons of vegetable oil and fry the okra until golden brown around the edges.

Pineapple Tip:

After washing slicing the pineapple, I keep the peel and core. I add all these pieces to a small pot of water (approx. 4 cups of water) and cook on medium low for approximately 1 hour. You can add lemon juice, sugar to make a refreshing drink or add the liquid to prepared or freshly brewed tea.

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