Thursday, September 6, 2007

Raspberry Syrup

raspberriesPicture source: All Posters

When I was in New Jersey, I ate the sweetest raspberries from my sister and b-i-l's bushes. I didn't even bother to wash them. They were better than candy!

Safeway was having a BOGO free offer for raspberries or $4.95 for two half pint containers...or $4.95 for a pint. I fell for the ad and brought home two containers.

Alas! The berries, although, plumb and large, were very bland. I tossed some in fruit smoothies but I still had a container left and I didn't want to eat them.

When my husband requested French Toast for breakfast one morning, I was about to make the usual brown sugar syrup, (This is the only syrup my son and I like on our waffles, pancakes or French Toast.) but I added the container of berries to boil along with the brown sugar and water. When the mixture thickened to the consistency of syrup, it was ready. The syrup was very tasty. Even my son who does not like raspberries, even the hand picked ones, thought it was good.

I almost forgot to mention that the syrup freezes very well.

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