Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Barb's Tandoori Chicken

Well I finally got around to trying Barb's recipe for tandoori chicken. I realize she got the recipe from someone else but since I first saw it on her blog, I am calling it Barb's Tandoori Chicken. I had to modify her recipe a bit. Since I've never had Tandoori chicken before the ingredient I left out shouldn't matter to much or will it???


I left out the cardamom because I don't cook with it nor could I find it at the grocery store today. Another modification was salt. No where on Barb's recipe or the original recipe could I find an indication for salt. I salted it to taste.

I found a recipe online HERE that mentioned salt to taste. They also mentioned that this dish could be served with garnishes such as sprigs of cilantro and slices of cucumber, red onion, tomato, and lemon. Since I am serving this with a cucumber salad, I am omitting the garnishes.

I am serving this dish with Jasmine rice. I think the more fragrant Basmati rice would have gone perfectly but I only had Jasmine or short grain.

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