Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Kitchen Meme - 8 Random Meme About My Kitchen

I got this one at the SFO Mom's Blog

The picture upload isn't working on blogger today so I have to do this w/o pictures. Boring, I know.

1. My kitchen is very small. I am used to a huge kitchen like my mom has. But I am able to cook, bake and do other things in this small but capable kitchen.

2. I have my Kitchen Madonna in a little cabinet with see-through doors, above the kitchen sink. It is comforting to know she is there.

3. I finally got the stainless steel door refrigerator I have always wanted. But it is harder to keep clean than the old white door refrigerator we used to have.

4. With all the storage space in that same kitchen, I still need more room for all our dishes, appliances, food, etc.

5. No room in the kitchen for my collection of cookbooks so I keep them in a small bookcase outside the kitchen and the rest in my bedroom.

6. My most used appliances have prominent place on our counters: coffee maker, food processor, blender, microwave, toaster oven.

7. That refrigerator door is opened constantly by certain men-folk in the family.

8. We bought the place with wallpaper on the walls. Who would do that? Our next project will be to remove and paint the walls in a semi-gloss cheerful color.

I don't know who reads this blogs so tag if you want to play.

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