Saturday, October 20, 2007

Liliha Bakery

Is there anyone here on Hawaii who has not tried something from Liliha Bakery? If they haven't, they have cheated themselves.

Following our Holy Hour of Adoration, we popped over to get dessert. Usually, they are the Coco Puffs at Liliha bakery. What is a Coco Puff you ask? Why it is a chocolate pudding filled cream puff topped with Chantilly frosting. It is heaven on earth!

But my DH and I have had our share of coco puffs so we wanted to try something different. DH wanted to try the vanilla custard filled cream puffs sans the Chantilly topping and I wanted to try the vanilla custard cream puff topped with a chocolate glaze. I asked the employee there. "What is the name for the chocolate topped cream puff?" She responded: "Chocolate topped cream puff". Who would have guessed?

For more on these delectables, check out Ono Kine Grindz's review of the bakery.

Next time we stop in for more goodies, I think we will stick around for dinner at their ever crowed lunch counter which always has a waiting line.

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