Saturday, October 20, 2007

Miso Soup

My friend gave me some fried noodles yesterday. I thought a nice bowl of miso soup would be a nice accompaniment for the noodles. It is a comfort food for Joey and it is a very healthy food overall.

There are lots of recipes for miso soup on the internet. You can learn more about this fermented soybean paste based soup from Wikipedia

My recipe is similar to those you will find for the standard miso soup except for one main difference. I learned this trick from a good friend of our family who prepared it for us on her first visit to Hawaii. It is the use of cubed potatoes instead of tofu cubes. She substituted the potatoes for the tofu because I did not have tofu in the house at the time. However, this is the way my family now prefers the soup. My son also likes lots of wakame in the soup so I always throw in a little extra. I like scallions and so I throw in a little extra of that too. Wakame is one type of seaweed which is sold dried.

Here is one basic recipe for miso soup without the wakame. If you would like to try it with wakame, just throw in a little of the dried wakame when the broth starts to boil.

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