Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Typical Peruvian Meal for Tonight's Dinner

Tonight we had what we refer to in Spanish as "Comida Tipica" del Peru.


Tallarines Verdes (Pasta with Pesto Sauce) The pesto sauce is similar to Italian Pesto with the added ingredients of evaporated milk, spinach and Aji Amarillo (hot yellow Peruvian peppers for the more daring).

Bisteck (Steak)Fried Sirloin steak is fine.

Chicha Morada (a traditional Peruvian drink made out of Purple corn)My mom sends us the drink mixes from La Negrita. Note, I never bought from this company before. I just wanted you to see what it looked like.


Angie said...

Hi Esther!
Thank you for stopping by my blog again!
I guess I don't know what RSS feed is? I would love to help.
The bean recipe is really good. Probably not the healthiest of all meals but at least there's a little fiber in there!! ;) Take care and will be in touch!

Esther said...

Angie, I usually check back on blogs that update. That is why I wanted to subscribe to your feed. If you use blogger, under settings, there is a turn on/off RSS feed feature. Just make sure it's on if you want others to subscribe too. If you blog is for your family/friends you don't have too.