Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Site Added to the Side Bar

While I was cooking dinner, I found a cooking show on PBS. It was America's Test Kitchen.

On today's show, they prepared a cracked peppercorn filet mignon and potatoes with onions. Unfortunately, I did not catch the name of the potato dish.

Check back on that site as they will most likely be posting the recipes soon. In fact, just take a look at their extensive list of recipes!


Barb, sfo said...

MMMM, I smell Christmas dinner!! I always serve filet for Christmas (as a roast) since it is very easy to prepare and I don't have to "babysit" the thing all day long. Plus, it's a real treat around here.

Esther said...

Their tip was to brown all sides evenly and then put it in a low oven to finish cooking.

We are debating whether to have roast pork a la cubana or prime rib.