Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Treat For Breakfast - Dim Sum

dim sum Photo source: Honolulu Advertiser

We had promised our son we could go for Dim Sum today.

Dim Sum means a little bit of the heart. They are little delectables that come to the diner via a cart rolled around by waitresses. It is a typical Hong Kong breakfast.

My DH and DS were satisfied going to a cheaper dim sum restaurant in Chinatown. However, the last time I ordered there, I was not happy with the way they treated us. So, although the food was good and about $15.00 cheaper than the place we went today, we chose to go to Seafood Legends Restaurant

It is a well lit restaurant; having a huge crystal chandelier in the center of the main dining room. We got there right after Mass so it wasn't too crowded that early in the morning.

We ordered the usual: shrimp half moons; seafood and cilantro dumplings, pork shumai, and of course shrimp look fun. I don't know the secret to the sauce but the look fun really makes the dish special. The other items were dipped in red chili paste and soy sauce. Our DS dipped his in his Jasmine tea.

I also wanted to order the rice congee but it was still cooking.

Since our DS was very hungry, we ordered more than the usual but he left the restaurant quite satisfied.

I highly recommend this restaurant's dim sum. We are making plans on going there to dinner one night too.

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