Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Two Knives I Couldn't Do Without

chinese cleaver
japanese chef's knife
When cooking, I rely heavily on my Japanese chef's knife which is over 14 years old and my Chinese cleaver which is a year or two younger. Both are stainless steel. Both are very reliable. When I need them sharp, I bring them together in a blade to blade sliding motion. This method works extremely well for me. So well in fact, that I forgot about obtaining the whetstone I had longed for many years ago.

My good friend who is not in the least a fan of cooking, has Henckel knife set. These are expensive knives. Impressive yes, but also very pricey.

My knives were not as expensive. In fact, the Japanese one costs under $20.00 when we first purchased it. It probably runs around the same today. The Chinese one was bought in Chinatown for less than $10.00.

Would I be happy if someone were to give me the Henckel set? Sure, who wouldn't. But I am very happy with my two old knives.


Therese said...

That first knife looks a bit dangerous to me. I would be frightened to use a knife that big.

Esther said...

I was at first Therese. I am used to it now. Maybe a little too used to it. I'd better be more careful when handling it.