Friday, April 25, 2008

Pontiff Meals During the U.S. Visit

Lots of news surrounding the meals the Holy Father prepared for him during his recent visits. The following are some of the interesting links:

For the Washington, D.C. Visit:

The Anchoress has Making Lunch for the Pope. The original Washington Post article can be found here

For the New York City visit:

Fr. Z's "These Are My Mother's Flavors" You can find the original article on Lidia bastianich's menu here

Also from Fr. Z is the article Tastings
So with Pope Benedict XVI making his first trip to New York as pope Friday, we wondered what he would be eating and drinking during his visit. Because he is a native of Germany, we immediately thought that New York’s famous Rieslings might find their way onto his table. But the Vatican is in Rome, so maybe he’d be eating and drinking Italian. Then we heard that Vatican insiders like to joke that his favorite wine is lemonade...

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