Saturday, June 21, 2008

The World of Empanadas

Latin America
I have previously posted about Peruvian Empanadas, otherwise known as meat turnovers. What I may not have mentioned is that although I am partial to Peruvian empanadas because I was born in Peru, my favorite one is the Colombian empanada. It is my humble opinion, that no empanada comes close in taste or texture to that of the fried Colombian empanada.

One of my sisters loved it so much as a teen that she had our friend from Colombia, Alberto teach her how to make them. She only makes them on special occasions because his version is completely from scratch. She recently made them for one of my brothers who came to visit. She made so much filling that my mom still had the filling in the freezer. Today we decided to make Colombian empanadas with my sister's prepared filling sans my sister.

We found a video that explained how to prepare "la masa" (the dough) as well as how to prepare the empanadas themselves.

The video is in Spanish.

I was searching for the recipe of the salsa that is traditionally served with the empanadas Colombianas and in doing so I happened upon a Wikipedia site that covered a large array of different versions of the empanada.


BTW, the sauce consists of finely minced green onions, cilantro, water, hot chili peppers, vinegar, lemon juice and salt. It can be blended in the blender.


Anonymous said...

That sauce you are talking about is called Aji. We have a sweet version and a hot version!!
But is some places you can also eat it with Guacamole!

Esther said...

Thanks A. I just love the hot version :-)