Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Summer Indulgence - Bailey's Irish CreamShiver

My parents, brothers and sisters and I are not drinkers. But one thing my mom and I like to indulgence in once in a while is Bailey's Irish Cream over ice and with a touch of milk.

When we saw a commercial for a Bailey's Shiver, we knew we had to try it. We did change the recipe a tad by adding some milk to the recipe. We liked it.

But if you want the original recipe, check out the cute little animated version at the following:
Recipe for Bailey's Shiver


DR said...

I don't drink it a lot, but I do like it in coffee occassionally when I do not have to watch the children.

Esther said...

Aloha DR. I've never tried it that way. Hmmmm... thanks for the suggestion.