Friday, March 18, 2011

Our St. Patrick's Day Dinner with the New and Improved Irish Soda Bread

St. Patrick Day prayers and New Irish Soda Bread
I really shouldn't be posting about meat during a Friday in Lent, but that is what happens when St. Patrick's Day falls on a Thursday.

We had the usual Corned Beef and Cabbage prepared the usual way and served with the usual condiment, yellow mustard.  Would you believe I got the corned beef for .79 a pound!  Our local market Foodland, offered this deal because we racked up points.  Cabbage was only .15 a lb.  I think Hawaii had better deals than some supermarkets in New Jersey.

I cooked the corned beef on the stove.  I have tried slow cooking it but I get busy and forget about it and before you know it, the corned beef is too over cooked for my taste.  This time, I actually watched the pot carefully.  Once the corned beef was cooked, I removed it and then added the cabbage, fresh potatoes from the local farmer's market (what a difference fresh produce makes, right?) and carrots.  The farmer's market did not have the multi colored carrots with the tops this week so I settled for the big ones they had.  The ones I wanted were small carrots.
Flavorful potatoes from the Farmer's market

But I think what made this year's dinner special was a new Irish Soda Bread recipe I tried.  Well-known Catholic blogger The Anchoress shared her Italian mother in law's recipe on her blog Another well known blogger and friend of the Anchoress' Deacon Greg had to say this about that bread "Best Soda Bread, Ever"

I was a little cautious that this version of Irish Soda Bread could be that good so I only made half the amount. Frankly, once we eat a little of the usual Irish Soda Bread hot from the oven, I usually end up throwing the rest of the uneaten portion away. Shame isn't it?

Let's just say today, there is no more Irish Soda Bread. Now I wish I had made the entire amount called for in the recipe. was so good. It is moist like the deacon noted but I wouldn't necessary go as far as to say it was like a cake. It was more like a quick bread. I used both dried cranberries and raisins and we liked it!

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