Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How Does My Garden Grow?

My plants are doing quite nicely!  Usually in Spring it is the battle against the white flies and aphids.  I noticed that with the help of some dead-headed marigolds that are placed on the plants themselves, the little buggers do not seem to be as pesky.  But I will keep my fingers crossed and hope that I did not speak too soon.


Hawaiian Chili Pepper
HECO (the electric company) has a tree give-away in November.  Last November I picked a small plant, a Hawaiian Chili Pepper plant.  In the past I have chosen Plumeria trees because I love the smell of Plumeria flowers.

Green Onions and Tomato plants
Once I spent 7.00 on a large green onion planter thinking that I would spend 6.00 more than I usually do but I would have green onions that would last  forever.  (I use a lot of green onions in cooking).  Sadly, that was just not the case.  It seemed to me that the green onions dried out much quicker than I had anticipated.

Then it occurred to me since green onions have roots I would leave two inches above the root part and plant them in potting soil.  Guess what?  I have lots of green onion plants growing quite well!!  I also grow cilantro this way.  They too have roots that take well in potting soil. 

As for the tomato plant you see growing in the photo.  That was a sucker plant that I removed from the beef steak tomato plant currently growing.  The sucker has taken root and will soon be producing tomatoes.

I enjoy growing plants that I get for free or just about for free.  It bothers me to think of all the money I have spend at the garden centers only to watch the plants wither up and die.  What a waste!

Baby Eggplant
The Mama Aloe (pronounced a-lo-e) plant
I know have many, many baby aloe plants growing.  They are much needed here since I am prone to burning my hand when cooking.

This is our newest addition to our garden.  But it has not yet been planted.  My friend gave it to me for Easter.  I haven't  had an azalea plant since I lived in New Jersey. 

Not shown here are plumeria, papaya, sweet basil lettuce, pineapple, sweet potatoes, celery, etc.

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