Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Shopping Trip to the Farmer's Market and the Importance of Supporting our Local Farmers

The produce you see in the picture is usually what I buy every week at our local farmer's market.

1.  Bag of baby greenleaf lettuce.  I used to buy the hydroponic lettuce but I haven't seen that vendor lately.
2.  Green onions - just until the ones in my garden are ready for cutting.
3.  Grape tomatoes - So sweet!  I was eating them like candy last evening.
4.  Yukon gold potatoes - I can't believe how much longer these potatoes last compared to the ones in the supermarket.
5.  Lemons or limes - Meyer lemons are my favorite.  These are a must-have in the refrigerator at all times.
6.  Cucumbers - These too last a lot longer that supermarket bought cukes.
7.  Zucchini

My husband loves it when I bring home kettle corn from his favorite popcorn vendor. I haven't seen her in the last few weeks either.  They also sell prepared food and until recently herb plants.   We don't really purchase the prepared food but I make an exception once in a while for grilled abalone from the Big Island's Kona Coast.  It is heaven on earth!! Try eating these with a squirt of lemon juice and hot sauce or soy sauce.

The above produce will last our family about a week.  I supplement vegetables and fruits with sales from the supermarkets. But sadly, the produce I buy in the supermarket will go to waste if not used within a short time.  The local produce on the other hand last a remarkably long time.

It is so important to Hawaii residents to support our local growers.  I was reading that Hawaii depends so much on importing food for us that if God forbid we had a devastating natural disaster, we would only have enough food to last two weeks!  A large percentage of Hawaii's food is shipped here from the mainland something like 80%.

For more information on a local farmer's market near you check out Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation.  The local produce is fresher, tastier and you will be supporting our local farmers if you buy from the farmers.  They in turn will grown more food locally for us to enjoy.  And, hopefully, Hawaii can stop depending so much on the mainland.


Katerina said...

You bought some beautiful produce from the farmer's market! I totally agree with you it is very important to support local farmers!

Esther G. said...

You must have wonderful fresh produce where you live Katerina!