Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some Meatless Meal Ideas for Good Friday

I still haven't decided what to make for our main Good Friday meal.  My mom always made Bacalao with Garbanzo beans.  Bacalao is salted codfish. Very tasty.  I cannot always find Bacalao in Hawaii so that means we really don't have a Good Friday traditional meal.  The following are a few dishes I am considering:

1.  Pasta with Pesto
Homemade Pasta with Pesto and Calabrese Salad
I may have enough fresh basil leaves to make a quick Pesto sauce.  However, since it is Good Friday, I will not be able to make fresh pasta tomorrow.  I am not sure I have enough time to make pasta today since I am already working on the Hot Cross Buns dough. Pesto with Macadamia Nuts Recipe.

2.  Vegetable Cakes (Zucchini)

I made the above meal the other evening.  Zucchini cakes made almost like you would crab cakes from Relish magazine recipe I mom shared.  Garlic lemon with mayonnaise sauce.  I also served broccoli and cauliflower with Bechamel sauce in a baked potato along with artichoke and garlic vinaigrette.  Although my husband and I loved the all veggie meal, my son was very disappointed there was no meat in his food.

3.  Fr. Leo's Eggplant Caponata

Fr. Leo of Food for the Soul has the most delicious Eggplant Caponata recipe. I serve it with white rice like Father suggests.

4.  Pizza

My husband put his favorite toppings on this one. Black olives and green peppers.  My son and I like plain old cheese pizza.  I finally found a pizza dough recipe I like a lot.  It was in the Mary Ann Esposito's cookbook Nella Cucina.  This dough would probably make good zeppoles too.


elle said...

All of these dishes look wonderful. I love anything with pesto and artichokes. Your family is lucky to have such a great cook in the house!

Have a happy Easter!


Esther G. said...

Elle, you are so kind. I wish I were a great cook :-)
Happy Easter!