Wednesday, May 4, 2011

911: How the Kitchen Madonna Comes to the Rescue Twice

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I have a old plastic statue of our lady in my kitchen. She is my Kitchen Madonna.  Since I am usually in the kitchen at noontime, this is where we pray the Angelus or the Regina Coeli. Recently our lady has come to my aid in helping to save two things I was making from sure disaster.

1. Fresh Strawberry Pie

Slice of Fresh Strawberry Pie
I believe I was making something else in the kitchen while I was also cooking up the glaze for the strawberry pie.  So it was no surprise that I failed to cook the glaze long enough. I was too distracted.  I even tasted the glaze and could still taste the corn starch.  That should have alerted me that this sauce was just not done.  But I continued to finish up the pie and hoped for the best.

Four hours later I offered my son a slice of the pie.  Well, it had not set at all.  It was very runny.  I almost panicked.  Maybe I did panic.  I did not want to waste all that lovely homemade crust or the 2 lbs. of fresh strawberries it took to make that pie.

I prayed to our blessed mother to please help me.  She immediately came to my assistance because a thought came to me that I try to retrace my steps with the pie at hand.

First I removed all the strawberries and placed them in a bowl.  Then the filling was scooped into a saucepan which was placed on the stove top to boil.  When it was almost boiled to the point it was supposed to be, I added the bowl of strawberries (which had some glaze clinging to them).  This mixture was boiled for another minute and then removed from the heat.  Meanwhile I dried the bottom of the piecrust as much as I could with a paper towel and placed that back in a hot oven to bake a little longer.

This time the filling was boiled properly.  I then refilled the piecrust and refrigerated the pie for another four hours.

The pie was deemed delicious by my family.  Actually, it did taste very good.  I give all the credit to Our Lady.

Our Lady and her Challah Bread

2.  In honor of Our Lady during this month of May and in  honor of her Jewish heritage, I decided to attempt making Challah bread.  The recipe called for very warm water.  Well, I think I warmed it too much.  But did not come to this realization until after I poured the warmed water onto the flour mixture.  I prayed to our Lady to please help me not to have killed the yeast.  I told her she would get all the credit for this bread if she but helped me.

Oh, she helped me.  After an hour, I went to check the dough I hoped and prayed had risen.  It was over flowing from the bowl!!  I wish I had remembered to take a picture of that.  I know my braiding technique needs a lot of work but the bread was great!  Thank you again Blessed Mother for your help in making this delicious bread!

I should have learned to ask for her assistance a long time ago.  My mother always asks for our Lady's help whenever she is about to cook or make something in the kitchen.  In Spanish she says "Little Virgin, please give my {insert name of dish here} a little touch of your little finger."  I once suggested to my mom to pray to the Holy Spirit to help her.  She dismissed that immediately.  I think she was saying that our lady, being a woman, would understand things of the kitchen.

BTW, The Kitchen Madonna by Rumer Godden, is one of my favorite books from childhood. 


scmom (Barbara) said...

Thank our good God for the kitchen Madonna!

Esther G. said...

Yes indeed!