Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Time Canning Peaches - Update

 Update:  I had a taste this morning with some slices of canned peaches on waffles.  They were very delicious.  Only thing I would change is making a medium syrup next time.  I tried light and I think it would have even been better if the peaches were a tad sweeter.

There was a very good sale on yellow peaches today.  I decided that even though they would make very good fruit for eating, I would attempt canning fresh peaches.  I followed the instructions that I found in the Better Homes and Garden cookbook as well as a few tips on the internet.  I used Vitamin C crystals to keep the fruit from browning.  They came out looking a beautiful yellow with pinkish syrup.  But the really test will be the taste.


Therese said...

They look delicious Esther. Let us know how they taste when you open them.

Canned peaches reminds me of my childhood. My mother canned peaches and cherries every summer. It was a busy time of year for us but I loved smelling all the fruit and looking at the rows and rows of fruit that my mother made.

Esther G. said...

I sure will Therese. Glad it brought back good memories for you.