Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Successful Cucumbers from the Garden and Salad Recipes

I remembered to take a photo after I started to peel cucumbers

There were three cucumbers on two cucumber plants this morning. I picked two that were big enough, one from each plant. One is a Japanese cucumber and the other is one called "Fanfare".

Cucumber and Manoa Lettuce Salad for my son

My son's salad is very simple. The Manoa lettuce was picked the other day and it was still very fresh. He will eat it with my simple oil and red wine vinegar vinaigrette salad dressing.

Creamy Dill Cucumber Salad

The following is the recipe for the Creamy Cucumber Salad which I modified from the original Betty Crocker recipe.

1 large cucumber sliced very thinly
1/4 cup buttermilk dressing or yogurt (I used the yogurt I made yesterday)
Approximately 1 tablespoon snipped fresh dill (Dill also came from my garden)
1/4 tsp. sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
1 small sweet onion, thinly sliced

Mix all ingredients together and let chill for at least an hour.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Greens from the Garden

This morning I needed lettuce and parsley so I went "shopping" at my garden.  I picked large yet very tender Manoa lettuce leaves, kale, curly leaf parsley and green beans.  I needed the lettuce and parsley as garnish for the ceviche I made last night.  The kale and green beans will be sauteed with olive oil and garlic and finished up with a drizzle of red wine vinegar and hot pepper.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reason for the Long Silence

Aloha Kakou:

I thought I would explain my long absence from this blog. I actually have been cooking and baking more but I have been busy with my garden. Lucky I live Hawaii, huh? That means we can garden year round.

I hope be able to post photos and maybe videos of what plants I am growing. Right now I have lots of herbs, including a Lemon Grass bush I inherited. I am also focusing on vegetables that my family likes to eat such as tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers.

My new personal favorite green is Kale! Wow! I suddenly can't get enough of it.

I also plan on growing (and I'm sure my NJ family and friends won't believe it) dandelion! Back home it was a pesky weed that plagued my dad's lawn. But to me, it has always been a tasty green that I liked in my salad.

Another NJ weed and now Hawaii tasty green is Purslane. My friend recently brought a salad made from Purslane, Asian pear with a red wine vinegar dressing. Heavenly!

More later.