Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reason for the Long Silence

Aloha Kakou:

I thought I would explain my long absence from this blog. I actually have been cooking and baking more but I have been busy with my garden. Lucky I live Hawaii, huh? That means we can garden year round.

I hope be able to post photos and maybe videos of what plants I am growing. Right now I have lots of herbs, including a Lemon Grass bush I inherited. I am also focusing on vegetables that my family likes to eat such as tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers.

My new personal favorite green is Kale! Wow! I suddenly can't get enough of it.

I also plan on growing (and I'm sure my NJ family and friends won't believe it) dandelion! Back home it was a pesky weed that plagued my dad's lawn. But to me, it has always been a tasty green that I liked in my salad.

Another NJ weed and now Hawaii tasty green is Purslane. My friend recently brought a salad made from Purslane, Asian pear with a red wine vinegar dressing. Heavenly!

More later.

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