Monday, March 12, 2012

Fresh Turmeric Root Tea

The other day I posted about Turmeric and todayI made Turmeric Iced Tea. I also planted one of the roots in my garden and in a container.

 If you search the internet you will find many ways of making this tea. There are recipes and directions for Turmeric Tea using the powered Turmeric, Turmeric and Ginger Tea, Turmeric Tea with honey and lemon, etc. I learned that there is no really wrong way of really making this tea...well that is as long as you remember that the root does stain. It is a very good idea to use disposable gloves and also to place paper towels on the cutting board before slicing the root.

Peeled and sliced fresh Turmeric Root


1 large root or rhizome, peeled and sliced
6 cups boiling water
Large glass heat proof container such as Pyrex

Pour boiling water over the sliced Turmeric and let cool. Pour into a pitcher and refrigerate. It is very delicious plain like this. There is no need to add lemon or honey...or anything else.

Turmeric Tea cooling

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