Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Photos from the Garden

Potatoes, Plum Tomatoes (Romas) and  Kale plants

Tomatoes in different stages of ripening
The long pole is holding up the Jasmine branches that are spreading
My favorite new tool (I even marked it "Esther's Favorite Tool"

Corn, lemon basil and lemon grass (Kale belongs to a neighbor)

Jesus accompanies me in the garden.  The San Damiano crucifix is a gift from one of my sisters


Alexandra said...

I like your garden! It looks like it's terraced. Your soil there is particularly good isn't it? I think I remember that volcanic soil is dark and rich.

Esther G. said...

Actually, I have a plot in a community garden and yes part of it is terraced but not my plot. The soil is okay and needs much amendment. Right now I am battling compact soil. But thanks! :-)