Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gardening in August

It has been a long time since I posted.  I haven't stopped cooking or baking but I really haven't been preparing anything new.  What I have been busy doing is replanting my garden.  There were a few water shut offs in the garden that caused many plants to die.  I don't know if I mentioned this before but I have a little community garden plot nearby.  It is a ten by ten plot.  Not big but sufficient to grow for family and to share. That is unless there is a drought that kills the poor plants!

Because of these and other problems, the soil in some areas has become compacted.  The soil amendments will help but it will take some time for it to make a difference.  So I decided to plant in mini raised beds.

The following are some pictures from my garden today:

The cantaloupe seedling was transplanted into one of the raised beds (see middle of photo).

The lettuce seedlings were transplanted yesterday in another raised bed (which my husband prepares for me using old dresser drawers).  The lettuce seedlings were covered by a sun protection cloth to prevent them from burning in the hot and intense Hawaiian afternoon sun.

Tomorrow I will finish mulching the path areas and will gradually plant small sections of green manure to enrich the soil.  I already planted a small section of Sunn hemp seeds which seem to be doing well.  Those are planted next to the sunflowers at the right hand of the photo.  The sunflowers had to be protected with a tomato cage and netting because the doves were eating each batch of seeds we planted.

I always stop by the San Damiano Crucifix first and ask Jesus to bless my garden.  I hope to find the right statue of Our Lady to place in the garden too. I would like to grow flowers near those.

The Brandywine seedlings were transplanted in still another raised bed.  I may have to move a few of them to another spot because I understand these heirloom tomatoes grow very big!

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